Thursday, February 25, 2010

All hands on deck at the first Vogel 10 Photoshoot!

We all brave LA traffic and gather at 8AM to the Vogel 10 Design Studio in Down Town L.A. Our lovely models, Jillian, Kelley and Jolene, all get made up by makeup artist Sole Alberti. Sisters Faith and Justina Blakeney assist in the casting, styling and the organization, photographer Dorit Thies works out the lighting and the backdrop while Vanessa Vogel makes sure that the Vogel 10 looks just right. After 6 bustling hours, our first Vogel10 photoshoot is complete!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let's go!


Here at Vogel10, We're not sure which we love more, receiving mail, or sending it. But we are sure of one thing, the feeling of ripping open a letter decked out in airmail stripes and tons of foreign stamps brings us back to days of pen-pals, of love letters, and of that handwritten, handmade, hand delivered time when even the smallest things in life seemed like a big adventure.

This spirit is what inspired the look and feel of our new brand; A feeling of mystery, of travel, memories, and all the adventures that are ahead.

Above, our first concept board for the new direction of Vogel10 -- and now, finally, after months of sewing and sketching-- we are ready for takeoff....we hope you'll join us.

Go image via inspirationrays
Not all that cool watercolor by Nigel Peake
States United (heart State) by Beauchamping
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010