Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Meet Caitlin!

This month's Vogel 10 collection features Caitlin, a chef and stylist originally from Berkeley, CA.
Caitlin grew traveling the globe with her boho parents.  In the past year, work and love has taken her to places as far and as lovely as Baku Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Paris and Greece. With all of this globe trotting, Caitlin has learned to pack light!  She also has some great travel tips for us:

1.) Call home with skype, even from an iPod Touch- and save that cash for souvenirs.
2.) Look up the type of plane you're taking.  Different planes have different 'best seats'-- sneak your way to extra leg-room by doing your research first!
3.) Pack light in a larger suitcase-that way, you'll have extra room to pack the new stuff that you come home with.

Currently, Caitlin is the Chef on the new web-series "If I can Dream" catch her healthy and yummy recipes here and see her styling work here.
Happy travels!

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