Friday, April 9, 2010

My Uniform this Week: The Comfy Jet-setter.

There is nothing worse that being uncomfortable on a plane. The temperature can be unpredictable-- so can the person you got randomly seated next to! I was once seated next to a crazy lady who stole food right off of my food tray while I was in the bathroom! One thing is for sure, whenever I travel, I make sure to have a few vital things: a warm, soft, lightweight sweater, comfy leggings, built in bra cami (under-wire can get so uncomfortable after many hours...) an extra pair of socks and a beanie. I also usually bring my oversized tote bag so I can be sure to fit all of my clothing, my magazines, music and my computer.
What do you bring on planes to make the trip more pleasant?
All clothing by Vogel10, cashmere beanie by James Pierce.

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