Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vogel 10 hearts London.

Hey everyone! Let me take a sec to introduce myself.  My name is Justina and I work with Vanessa (or should I say play with Vanessa) here at Vogel10.   Vanessa designs the clothes and I do the art direction and help with concepts and graphics.

I felt like the luckiest gal in the world when I recently got to go on an adventure to London with Vanessa  to do research for the new line. We caught what had to be the nicest weather to ever hit London. We shopped, we museum-ed, we ate, we shopped...and did I mention that we shopped?  We came across some lovely clothes, some lovely people, and some AMAZING accessories.  Some of those accessories that we found are available this month at vogel10.com

Check out our best accessory finds from our London Adventure. Super versatile handmade leather clutches by Natalie Thankur and leather necklaces by Emma Caroll help to dress up or down our cozy basics.


  1. LOVING the emma caroll leather necklace!!! need to order mine asap!!

  2. I know, right? The concept of using the leather to make "feathers" is so unique. It goes with everything! xxx-